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Raquel Parmar

Quick Facts:
Title: Leader of the Pack Leader Faction
Career: Law Enforcement Commander of the Tokota Division
Tokota: Rosie FT05
Quote: "Do the right thing, or I'll whoop your ass to Tartok and back."
Appearance: 6'1", deep copper skin, mahogany eyes, straight black hair, facial scars, and prefers utility over fashion in her outfits.
Personality: Makes a plan and follows through on the plan in all situations. She is as comfortable knee deep in mud as she in on the city streets. Her sense of humor breaks through in most conversations.
Background: Raquel grew up in one of the more rural areas of Tokotna on a small farm. When she left home she started training in various combat techniques and squads. After leaving her previous job, she gained prestige in Tartok Law Enforcement earning her a spot as leader in her faction.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Has had a long-term, close relationship with Meztli Thunderfeather. It is rumored the two have been dating for the past year.
  • Rumored to have wrestled an akota to the ground single handedly.
  • Tells a different story every time she is asked about her scars.
Original NPC inspiration by the Tokotas Admin Team
NPC art by Lachtaube

Faction Leader