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Rites of Fertility - Rite of Fortitude

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This is the second of three rites in the Rites of Fertility, which you must pass in order to breed your Tokota. This event will be judged regularly as the moderators schedule allows. Rules and judging rubric can be found on the main Rites of Fertility page.

This test offers a wide array of artistic liberties. Amongst these, you are free to draw your Tokota crossing rivers, traveling across mountain passes, crossing snowy fields, swimming across vast ocean crossings etc. Often those who are less experienced with the wilderness will stick together in a group.


Applicable bonuses:

Racing & Working bonuses can be applied to all of the following prompts. These will automatically added to your Tokota's AoA form, a full list can be found on the CE and AoA Bonus Reference.
Option One
Your tokota will journey across 350 miles on a variety of paths which will take them across different terrain ranging from boreal forest, to tundra, to diving in the arctic oceans, to flower filled fields, treacherous rocky mountains or navigating their way through dark, crystal filled caves. Large Inukshuk statues will be littered about the chosen path to help your tokota. Your tokota will have 5 days to complete the journey on whichever path they choose.

Option Two
Your tokota must travel to three potentially dangerous location in Tokotna to collect a flag. The three locations may be visited in any order over 5 days and the journey may be completed via whichever path they choose.
  • One flag must be present in some way

Option Three
Your tokota must spend one week in the wild, surviving by their own means without any interference or assistance from a handler except in grave circumstances.

Option Four
In a test of your tokota's mental and emotional fortitude, they must make the harrowing trek through the White Forest. There they will find themselves tempted by offerings from the spirits. Temptations could include anything from prey to hunt, being reunited with a deceased loved one.


Struggling to come up with ideas for the Rite of Fortitude? Here are some ideas you can use!
  • Swimming across the arctic ocean
  • Making your way through a dark, crystal covered cave
  • Trekking through a thick, boreal forest
  • A totally flat, desolate tundra with little grass that even the caribou ignore
  • Rolling about in a flower filled field, reminiscent of spring
  • Sliding down a snowy side of a mountain
  • The aurora beaming overhead as you make your way across the tundra at night
  • Featuring any of the group's Canon Locations


  • Would I be penalised for depicting my tokota making a mistake?
    • No!
  • Does this count as an exploration/other activity piece?
    • No, it will not be rolled for items and counts for the "rite" HP bonus rather than the activity HP bonus.
  • Can I have tokotas in the same picture/story complete different prompts?
    • No, every tokota in the image or story must be doing the same prompt.