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Soul Pool Blessings

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Deep in the White Forest of Tokotna lies the Soul Pool, where the elder shamans say that Aippaq took their first breath. These deeply spiritual waters can grant great power to a Tokota if the right gift is brought - the gift of an Elemental Heart. Do you wish for the gifts of Aippaq? Step forward and receive your blessings.

The Soul Pool is where you can apply bonuses to your Tokota using an Elemental Heart, which is a rare item that can be found in Caving or Diving under normal circumstances.

Item Blessings

Blessings for Any Tokota

  • Remove one birth defect from your Tokota (Blind, Deaf, Spinal Defects, Lame, Frail).

Dominant Only Blessings

  • Unlock one extra Hereditary Trait slot (once per Tokota)
  • Unlock one extra Companion slot (once per Tokota)
  • Add an Elemental Trait to your Tokota
  • Upgrade certain Hereditary Traits to their second tier


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