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What is a Starter?

"Starter" Tokotas have no given lineage and are often the founders of certain genes, mutations or manes. Starters with this badge are owned by the group and thus have special exemptions to certain rules.

What's the difference between a starter and a member-owned Tokota?
  • Starter Tokotas have unlimited lifetime breeding slots.
  • Starters will appear in the lineages of abandoned puppies and semi-customs.
  • Slots to Starters can be acquired through the Shrine of the Seven Stones, contests, sales and various events. Slots follow a tier system that is detailed below.
  • Starter Tokotas may be drawn by anyone, without requiring permission of the group.
  • Breedings involving a Starter (posted by you) do not count against your monthly limit of breedings.
    • Starter breedings are tracked seperately and have their own limit of three per month.
  • Starter Tokotas may exhibit markings, traits, mutations and items not yet able to be obtained within the group.
  • Starter Tokotas are permanently owned by the group and will never be for sale, nor owned by a member.
  • A Starter will provide a 2+ HP bonus to Tokotas in any image in which he/she is depicted.
    • Starters with placeholder designs (Such as AM1, AF2, etc.) cannot be used for this bonus until their official designs are released.
  • Starter Tokotas cannot earn items from Activities.
  • For rites such as the Rites of Fertility or Rites of Dominance, you can often use a Starter Tokota instead of a handler.
  • Storyline-wise, all Starter Tokotas are owned by the TCA and are wild-roaming.

> The current list of all starters can be found here. <

The Original Twenty
These Tokotas were the foundation of the group, posted on June 16th, 2014. These Tokotas underwent a re-design during the 6th Anniversary Event. Old Designs can be found in this folder and still be used for HP Purposes.

What are Starter Slots?

Starter Slots allow players to submit breedings with a chosen starter as the Sire/Dam. Based on the tier of the slot, you may choose from the pools listed on the Starter Slot Tiers page.
  • Breedings involving a Starter do not count against your monthly breeding limit. Starter breedings are tracked seperately and have their own limit of three breedings per month.
  • You may choose any starter from the below list that matches your Slot's Tier or is on a lower list.
    • If you have a Bronze Slot, you may select any starter from the Bronze list.
    • If you have a Silver Slot, you may select any starter from the Silver list or the Bronze List.

> The current list of starter slot tiers can be found here. <

How can you get a Starter Slot?
Slots can be found through Shrine of the Seven Stones, they are often prizes for events and contests, and also are made available during group sales.

What is a Pyrite Starter Slot?

Pyrite Slots are a special type of Starter Slot with a slot pool consisting of shrined slots via Shrine of the Seven Stones. When using a Pyrite Slot, a random matching slot will be used from the pool. Matches cannot be inbred or double merle breedings. If there are no available slots that meet those criteria, then a random starter slot is used.
  • You may use two Pyrite Slots together. In such a case a random suitable partner will be rolled for both sire and dam from the Pyrite Pool for a completely random breeding.
  • When filling out the Starter breeding form you should leave the Import section blank, as you don’t know who you’re getting paired with! Just list Pyrite Slot and your bank link on the owner permission line.


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