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The Ridge of Elders

Frigid cold. The atmosphere is often swirling with snow and fog during the day accompanied by a howling wind. At night the beauty of the tundra is revealed.
Weather changes accordingly to day to night transition; revealing a wonder unlike any other; a crystal-clear sky graced with aurora lights and endless stars (oftentimes it is advised to travel by night). The area appears to be devoid of any life; animals and Tokota alike for yet unknown reasons
  • The Ridge - a Mountain ridge tipped with a steep cliff right by its very end, overlooking vast expanses of snowfields below.
  • "If you listen very carefully, it is said She speaks to us still - through the winds." Believed to mark the ascension of the Great Mother unto the land of the Chosen and is considered a sacred landmark. It is also said the voices of those who perish in these fields join in with the chorus of the wind.
  • Quotes:
  • "Many a time we flock into the cold's embrace, yet only a few are allowed a glimpse into its wisdom. With heavy purpose, no mind can peer unto the stars, and no whispers will be heard. So pause, traveler, of young or old. Be still and listen. Let her call be a sign. Let her voice soothe your mind." -Unknown Source
  • "I've been there once, and let me tell you something: your ass will freeze off halfway the journey." -Malika
  • "If you doze off, you die." - Unknown source
  • "A legend has it that the elderly of neighboring villages often sought answers by ascending the peak in Aippaq's honor. Only one had ever claimed to witness a sight meant for no mortal eyes. Well, say what you want, but it's her tribe that still exists to this day and upholds the tradition." - Unknown Source

  • Original location inspiration by Seenyurr
    Location art by Seenyurr