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Toko New Year Quest Challenge

Before You Begin | Introduction | Challenge |FAQs |

Before You Begin

Akin to Inktober challenges, Toko New Year(TNY) is a challenge to complete 30 pieces of art or literature in any area of the game. Unlike Inktober, TNY may be completed at your leisure.
  • The first step you need to do to gain access to a Festive Quest Challenge is to turn in the Introduction quest.
  • All pieces must have been submitted to DA after June 5, 2024.
  • This may only be completed once per player.
  • You must complete or collab on all pieces for the TNY Quest Challenge. You may not commission work for it.
  • Quester, Quest Companions, and Festive Totems all apply to the rewards on this page. HOWEVER, the quester must be present in the all the pieces to receive the quester rewards. It doesn't need to be actively partaking. Tagalongs are fine.

This quest festive challenge IS NOT eligible for the Quest HP bonus.


Hunger of a God

“Hey! You! Wake up!” You blink awake to find a large dark shape standing over you. With a yelp of fear, you recognize it as Meelanik. You quickly get to your paws and get as far away from him as your sleeping area will allow.

“Relax. I just ate,” he tells you in an off-handed manner. As if to punctuate his point, a toko’s pained face slides across his side, pushing out as far as it could. Unsettled, you look away, wondering if you could dash past him to get out of your area and away from the terrifying deity.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I have a job for you and I really don’t want to have to chase you to explain it. That would greatly irritate me…” he sighed, his double jaws clicking exaggeratedly. “As you are probably aware, this month Tokotas and people celebrate the turning of the new year. At these parties will, of course, be food. I want you to bring me food from these…celebrations. I want a whole cake. The bigger the better. Multi-tiered with lots of frosting.” Fiery saliva dripped from his maws at the mere thought of food. “I want food from all across Tokotna. Hungry…always Hungry.”

You stare as his eyes lose focus, no longer seeing you. Without a word, he turns and wanders out of your sleeping area. You stay rooted to the spot, staring after him. This had to be a dream, right? The whole thing was incredibly absurd. One of the darkest beings to walk Tokotna wanted a frosted, multi-tiered cake? How were you supposed to even get one, let alone transport it? You nip your shoulder in a gesture akin to a human pinching themselves to see if they’re awake. That hurt. You’re definitely awake and you notice a path of scorched paw and hoof prints leading out of your home. Meelanik was actually here for sure. After some time, you wander out of your home, bewildered as you attempt to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to gather food for the God of Hunger.

  • Depict your Tokota with Meelanik in an canon location.
  • Glowing Toybox x 1, Trait Journal x 1, Foraging Basket x 1, Unidentified Produce Box x 1

The Challenge

To complete this challenge, you can do activities, AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, CEs, or Pvps themed with the above prompts. If you get stuck, you may use the Optional part to give you ideas.
  • A Tracker is available to help you keep up with all the prompts! Find it Here. Please make a copy by going to File > Make a copy. You may change the colors, just no neon, please.
  • Art and Literature are both very welcome!
  • All artwork must be created after June 5, 2024 to count for this Challenge.
  • One prompt per piece.
  • All art must be done by you or at least collabed.
  • Pieces may be from any area of the group.
  • Pieces must be processed in their department BEFORE you submit for an achievement.
  • You may count the intro quest as one of the above challenge prompts, as long as it fits both the quest and prompt.
  • Turn in your prompts when you complete any 5, 15 or all 30 themed prompts at the TNY Challenge thread on the Quest Journal.

Bronze TNY Achievement -Complete 5 prompts
Festive Toybox x 1,Toko New Year Firework x 1,Foraging Basket x 1, Unidentified Produce Box x 1

Silver TNY Achievement-Complete 15 prompts
Glowing Toybox x 1,Toko New Year Firework x 1,Trait Journal x 1, Unidentified Produce Box x 1

Gold TNY Achievement- Complete 30
Aippaq Gift x 1, Glowing Toybox x 1, Carrot Cake x 1, Toko New Year Firework x 2, Unidentified Produce Box x 1

Form to include in each themed piece:

TNY Prompt Number:
Collab: Y/N
How is this prompt reflected in your piece?:


  • May I use Tamings, Quest, TCA Reqs, etc for the prompts?
    • Yes, as long as they fit the prompts.
  • Question?
  • Question?
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