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Tokotines Quest Challenge

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Before You Begin

Akin to Inktober challenges, Tokotines is a challenge to complete 29 pieces of art or literature in any area of the game. Unlike Inktober, Tokotines may be completed at your leisure.
  • The first step you need to do to gain access to a Festive Quest Challenge is to turn in the Introduction quest.
  • All pieces must have been submitted to DA after February 5, 2024.
  • This may only be completed once per player.
  • You must complete or collab on all pieces for the Tokotines Quest Challenge. You may not commission work for it.
  • Quester, Quest Companions, and Festive Totems all apply to the rewards on this page. HOWEVER, the quester must be present in the all the pieces to receive the quester rewards. It doesn't need to be actively partaking. Tagalongs are fine.

This quest festive challenge IS NOT eligible for the Quest HP bonus.


Never Sik of Your Love

You find yourself summoned to attend one of Tokotna’s deities once more. Luckily, this time it's a deity known to be on the kinder side, unless you happened to be a dark spirit. With the sun beginning to set, you carefully follow Sik’s directions to a meadow tucked in among pine trees in the Tartok mountains. You pause in the trees as you spy Sik and another toko. There looks to be a blanket on the ground with a candle and a box of something on it. You continue to watch for a moment, unsure exactly what’s going on.

You see the tawny toko stand up and move toward Sik. The goddess retreats a few steps. Suddenly, you recognize the toko. Tawny with a brown blanket marking across his back with butter colored accents and an overly confident manner, it’s Tonga himself! You stare at them open mouthed for a moment. What exactly are you supposed to do? Just as you decided to turn around and let them be, Sikrinerk notices you. It's hard to tell from this distance, but you think she gives you a pleading look.

Deciding to help the goddess, you step out of the treeline and walk toward the pair. Tonga scowls at you while Sik looks relieved.

“Ah! There you are, mortal!” Sik greets you while you think you hear Tonga mutter, “Get lost, buddy” under his breath. Sik ignores him, remaining fixed on you.

“I’ve heard you’re developing a habit of helping out deities,” she states. “I need you to help me spread some love across Tokotna. I want to know that Tokotnaians are doing well after Borga’s visit.”

“I can help with that!” Tonga shouts brightly, even wagging his tail a bit.

“No.” Sikrinerk states flatly, giving the male a withering glance. Tonga deflated and backed off.

“Will you go out and spend some time with those you love? Romantic or platonic, it’s up to you. Maybe help a few others find someone to love as well? Come back to me with your tales and I’ll reward you well,” Sik requested of you. “When you have completed your tasks, come find me here.”

After you give your consent, Sikrinerk disappears with a musical pop, leaving you and Tonga staring at each other.

“What am I supposed to do?” asked Tonga.

“Whatever you like, I suppose,” you say, heading toward the tree line. “See you around, Twonga.”

  • Depict your Tokota in the Tartok Mountains with Tonga.
  • Letter from an Admirer x 1, Makeup Kit x 1, Cinnamon x 1, Basil x 1

The Challenge

To complete this challenge, you can do activities, AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, CEs, or Pvps themed with the above prompts. If you get stuck, you may use the Optional part to give you ideas.
  • A Tracker is available to help you keep up with all the prompts! Find it Here. Please make a copy by going to File > Make a copy. You may change the colors, just no neon, please.
  • Art and Literature are both very welcome!
  • All artwork must be created after February 5, 2024 to count for this Challenge.
  • One prompt per piece.
  • All art must be done by you or at least collabed.
  • Pieces may be from any area of the group.
  • Pieces must be processed in their department BEFORE you submit for an achievement.
  • You may count the intro quest as one of the above challenge prompts, as long as it fits both the quest and prompt.
  • Turn in your prompts when you complete any 5, 15 or all 31 themed prompts at the Tokotines Challenge thread on the Quest Journal.

Bronze Tokotines Achievement -Complete 5 prompts
Letter from an Admirer x 1, Cinnamon x 1, Basil x 1, Coffee x 1

Silver Tokotines Achievement-Complete 15 prompts
Letter from an Admirer x 1, Cinnamon x 1, Festive Toybox x 1

Gold Tokotines Achievement- Complete 29
Letter from an Admirer x 1,Makeup Kit x 1, Lovebirds x 1

Form to include in each themed piece:

Tokotines Prompt Number:
Collab: Y/N
How is this prompt reflected in your piece?:


  • May I use Tamings, Quest, TCA Reqs, etc for the prompts?
    • Yes, as long as they fit the prompts.
  • Question?
  • Question?
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