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Wilderness Tracker

Wilderness Trackers are known to be one of the most adventurous and wild factions in Tokotna. They tend to make a living as explorers, hunters, or anything else that keeps them in the Tokotna Wilds. Members of this faction rarely stay in one place for long, preferring to always find out just what is beyond the next ridge. They rarely stay on the beaten track, and know the most about the untamed regions of Tokotna. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on the companionship formed over their many journeys.

Faction Leader: Benjamin “Woody” Nakamuro
Faction Tokota: Amai FT04
Primary Focus: Hierarchy/Rites, Activities
Secondary Focus: Crafting, Design Central
  • Allows for +1 Additional Tokota per Rites of Fertility image and increases HP gained from Arms of Akna by +5.
  • Grants +25 HP to all owned Tokotas.
  • Small Chance to Find a Common Trait in Activities.
  • +5% Success rate in Crafting & allows +1 additional legendary craft attempt per recipe per month.
  • Grants x1 Free Scar Pack, Hand Paint Dye, or Small Item per New Design.