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Long Mane

Standard Tokotas, Tokis, Dires, Akotas, Dakinos, Tokhara

The Long is a rare mane type found in tokotas, and displays on all build types. Long mane gets its name from the longer than usual fur on its neck, chest, cheeks, and tail. It also has medium-length fur on the haunches. The Long mane also presents itself in "feathering" on the feet and ankles, though this is most prominent on Dire tokotas. The remainder of the body features the classic short fur usually found on the body. As with all tokota fur, this mane is a double coat that repels water.

The lush and silky fur of the Long manes was originally a mutation of the yeti mane. It has since been sought out by those wishing for the perfect show companion, much like those of the Curly mane mutation, however some breeders found practical uses for this gorgeous mane. Some found that the mane could be spun and woven, much as sheep's wool could be, often being used in artistic pieces, such as tapestries.

Those who chose to use their Long maned tokotas for hunting and similar tasks will braid the mane and tail to keep it out of the way, sometimes keeping it simple so that it could be easily undone if handler and tokota found themselves stranded on a mountain and needed the extra warmth.

Breeding Combinations:
Mane combinations are listed from most likely to produce a Long Mane, to least likely to produce a Long Mane.
Any combinations not listed are not able to produce a Long Mane.
If multiple combinations have the same odds of producing a Long Mane, they are listed in the same row.

Most Likely
Long x Long
Long x Barbary
Long x Yeti
Long x Curly / Wire
Long x Natural
Long x Half / Rough / Short / Silky
Long x Sphinx
Least Likely

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