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Natural Mane

Standard Tokotas, Tokis, Dires, Akotas, Dakinos, Tokhara

The Natural is the most common mane type found in tokotas, and displays on all build types. The Natural mane is characterized by long fur on the tokota's neck and chest, and medium-length fur on the tokota's cheeks, underbelly, haunches and tail. The face and body feature short fur that appears deceptively smooth - this fur is still a double coat just like the longer fur. As with all tokotas fur, this mane is a double coat that repels water. Medium level maintenance required.

As tokotas descended from the mountains and their diet changed to contain both creatures of land and sea, it is believed that the Natural mane evolved as a compromise between the two environments. The long fur on the face and neck protects the tokota from neck bites from rival tokotas or violent prey, such as bears or mountain lions, yet the short fur allows for quicker drying times when the tokota enters the water to fish or hunt for seal. It also serves to protect them from harsh winds.

Breeding Combinations:
  • Possible in all breedings

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