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Non-Physical Traits

Non-Hereditary Traits | Hereditary Traits | Unique Traits | FAQ

Traits are permanent boosts that are attached to your Tokota. Traits can be earned in a variety of ways, and effect many aspects of the group. There are two primary types of traits; Non-Hereditary Traits and Hereditary Traits.

> The current list of all traits can be found here. <

Non-Hereditary Traits

Non-Hereditary Traits are bonuses earned by a Tokota for completing specific milestones. These do not count against your total traits, nor can they be passed down to offspring. Additionally, once earned, these traits cannot be removed from the Tokota. The exceptions are Elemental Heart Traits. They can be removed to your bank with an Soul Tome.
  • Rite of Merit Traits
  • Bonding Traits
    • Can only be earned from completing Bonding.
  • Passage of the Alpha Traits
  • Elemental Heart Traits
    • Can only by earned by exchanging an Elemental Heart at the Soul Pool.

Hereditary Traits

Hereditary traits can be purchased at the Trading Post for Trait Tokens, or found in Activities, Random Events, Shrine, etc. They also can be passed down to your Tokota from their parents. The pass rate of the trait depends on the rarity of the trait as detailed below.

Any Tokota can have a maximum of seven hereditary traits. Dominant Tokotas unlock three additional trait slots, allowing them to have a maximum of ten traits. These Tokotas may also unlock one more trait slot by spending an Elemental Heart at the Soul Pool. Some Hereditary traits can be upgraded, either upon reaching Dominant or by spending an Elemental Heart at the Soul Pool.

If you have a Hereditary Trait you no longer wish to keep, you may remove them or replace them with a new trait on the Tack Application screen for your Tokota. This trait will not return to your bank, and will be lost. You can use a Trait Tome when removing a trait to have it be returned to your bank.
  • Common Traits
    • Can be purchased with 5 Trait Tokens. Have a 50% chance of passing to offspring.
  • Uncommon Traits
    • Can be purchased with 10 Trait Tokens. Have a 25% chance of passing to offspring.
  • Rare Traits
    • Can be purchased with 20 Trait Tokens. Have a 10% chance of passing to offspring.
  • Extremely Rare Traits
    • Can be purchased with 30 Trait Tokens. Have a 5% chance of passing to offspring.

Trait Slots by Hierarchy

Base Overachiever Trait
Submissive 7 9
Average 7 9
Dominant 10 12
Alpha 10 12
With Bonus Slot 11 13

Unique Traits

All unique traits originate from a founder Tokota. These traits may not be purchased with Trait Tokens or removed with a Trait Tome. To gain a unique trait, a tokota must be a descendant from the original starter with the trait.

Unique traits were created by players that have won them in special events, or purchased from group sales. Newer unique traits are created by the group and released via group starters. These founders can typically be found in the Platinum Starter Slot pool.
Group Owned UTs
The following Unique Traits were founded by the Tokotas group and are eligible to be used with items such a UT Upgrade Token.


  • Does the Superstar trait stack if there are more than one Tokota present in the image with it?
    • No, the Superstar trait bonus can only be gained once image.
  • What happens if I remove Exemplary Dire Blood or Gentle Akota Bloodlines after using all the slots?
    • Breedingmumbojumbo.
  • Can I use a PotA token to add a Unique Trait onto a pup from a litter?
    • No, PotA Tokens cannot be used to add traits, unique or otherwise.