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Prestige Breeder

Prestige Breeders are known to be one of the most competitive and beautiful factions in Tokotna. They tend make their livings as breeders, groomers, and on the bloodline circuits. Competition is the bread and butter for anyone in this faction including the handlers and Tokotas. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on the pride both are striving for perfection.

Faction Leader: Feodora Remmington
Faction Tokota: Lark FT03
Primary Focus: Breeding, Hierarchy/Rites
Secondary Focus: Continuous Events, Design Central
  • 3% Boost to Rare Mane pass rate in Breedings.
  • 25% Chance to roll an additional pup in Breedings.
  • Grants +25 HP to all owned Tokotas.
  • +1 additional monthly entry for Continuous Events. Stacks with other additional CE entry bonuses up to a maximum of 15 entries a month.
  • Grants x1 Free Scar Pack, Hand Paint Dye, or Small Item per New Design.