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A quest is a writing prompt, updated monthly, that you can complete once for a reward. Rewards may vary.
Please check the front page of the Tokotas group for the current Quest and submission deadline.

> Check here to see all Past Quests <

  • You may only participate once per quest, with up to three Tokotas.
  • Entries may be done by yourself, collaborated (3 max,) or commissioned.
  • Art must be full-body (at least 75% of Tokota depicted,) colored with semi-complex background that would meet requirements for an activity image. As with all other activities, images must meet size requirements: minimum 300x300 pixels.
    • Black and white images, as well as color-palette-themed images are permitted; however, they must be sufficiently detailed and the Tokota's individual markings must be discernible without difficulty. Comic-style B&W images are also allowed if they use enough variation in values to illustrate each marking.
  • Literature must be at least 1000 words, focused on the prompt. Every Tokota must be included equally to count for the quest. Generally a Tokota must be mentioned at least 5 times throughout the piece.
  • If your piece was posted before the deadline you may redeem the rewards after the quest has changed.
How to Submit
To redeem your Quest submissions for prizes, you must do so at the Toko Tokens Bank.
  • When finished, you may submit to the Quests folder in the group gallery but it is not required.
  • Redeem your item/TT rewards at the Toko Tokens Bank under the "Redeem Monthly Quest Items/TT" section. Link all Tokotas used in the Quest in your form.
    • Item/TT rewards are per user, not per Tokota, but you should keep track of the Quests your Tokota participates in by logging their Prize redeems in their tracker so that you may later use them to redeem their Quest Trophies.
    • Don't forget to list HP bonuses for the image/lit piece in your HP tracker when applicable as well!
  • If your quest image/lit piece was a collaboration, each collaborator will receive any rewards for the quest. All collaborators must submit the quest to the bank individually to redeem any rewards.


For every few Quests your Tokota partakes in, they may have a chance to redeem a Trophy for their import page!
  • For participating in 3 Quests total, your Tokota can earn a Bronze Trophy.
  • For participating in 6 Quests total, your Tokota can earn a Silver Trophy.
  • For participating in 12 Quests total, your Tokota can earn a Gold Trophy.
The Gold Quest Trophy can count towards a 1st Place Win for your Tokota's Passage of the Alpha Prerequisite!

To redeem your Tokota's Quest Trophies, comment on the Group Events & Contests thread in the Toko Tokens Bank, linking your Tokota's Tokotna import with links to all of the Tokota's Quest Item/TT Redeem confirmations dated after Jan 2021.


  • Can I redeem an old Quest for prizes after the Quest has changed, if it was uploaded before the deadline?
    • Yes.
  • When collaborating on a Quest, how many Tokotas can be included?
    • Each collaborator may include up to 3 Tokotas each. For a maximum of 3 collaborators, that's 9 Tokotas total.
  • Do I need a handler to participate in the Quest?
    • Although a handler may be mentioned in the prompt, handlers will always be optional in Quest Submissions (starting January 2021.)
  • I included three Tokotas, can I redeem the reward three times?
    • Prizes redeemed are per user, not per Tokota. Putting three in one submission will get each of them the HP bonus (if applicable,) but you will only receive the prize once, with the exception of the inclusion of a Quester Tokota which will double your prize.
  • I've participated in Quests before February 2021. Can I redeem those Quests for Trophies?
    • No, only Quests done after Jan 2021 will count towards Quest Trophies.
  • What is "Quester"?
    • Quester is a Quest-relevant Unique Trait: "If the Tokota is depicted in a Monthly Quest (Full body) then rewards are doubled when redeemed. Only usable by the owner of the Tokota. This trait may not be stacked and may only affect a quest once per player."