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Forming a Tribe | Earning TP | Tribe Companions | Tribe Lore Figures | FAQ

Tribes are user-created groups with their own hierarchies and themes. Tribes are meant to encourage teamwork and foster a sense of community within the Tokotas group. If you are looking to join a tribe that already exists, check out the Tribe Directory to browse through them.

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Forming a Tribe

Anyone may start a tribe, as long as they have five additional consenting members beyond just yourself to join it. However keep in mind you may only be part of one tribe at any given time. The best way to go about gaining the necessary five members is to make a journal and submit to the Tribe Petitions advertisement sub-folder in the Tokotas gallery. When you have found five members interested in joining your tribe, they must "sign" your petition. They should comment with something along the lines of "I -insert username- would like to join -insert tribe name-." Please note that using secondary or separate accounts as fake petitioners to create a tribe may result in a suspension from the group, or banishment from creating or joining future tribes.

Once you have five signatures, not including yourself, you're almost ready to form your tribe. You'll need to create a group here on DA and post a journal that contains your tribe's rules, regulations, and information on how to join. After you've completed those steps, visit the cycling Tribes Journal to submit your tribe for registration!

Congratulations! As soon as your tribe is approved and added to the site by an admin, it is considered official. Now that your tribe is on the site, you - the founder - are responsible for adding your five members and any more members you wish to recruit. You may then begin forming your tribe's unique identity!

The Founder may elevate people to the level of Tribe Moderators. Tribe Moderators have all the same permissions as a Founder on, including updating the tribe store, adding and removing tribemates, and updating tribe settings. Founders retain the ability to write out slots to Tribe Owned Tokotas and transfer tribe ownership.
The Founder and Tribe Moderators may also set members to the level of Tribe Admins. Tribe Admins may update the member list, but do not have full moderator access.

Over the course of its existence, tribes can earn achievements that provide benefits within the game. You will be able to shape the identity of your tribe by following a specific achievement tree that suits your tribe's style of play. For more information on those achievements and how to earn them, please visit the Tribe Achievements journal! It is also important to note that, as has always been the case, founders may decide who does or does not have access to the tribe's unlocked benefits. This may be determined based on things such as how long a member has been in the tribe, how much activity they put forth, or other things of that nature.

To found a tribe, you need:
  • Create a group on DA for your tribe.
  • Find five users, not including yourself, to sign a petition, agreeing to join your tribe. They cannot already be part of another tribe!
  • You must have at least two things in your tribe's group: the rules, and how to join.

Earning TP

Tribe Points (TP) are a personal currency Players can earn, and may be used to purchase items from the TP Shop.
It is important to note that you cannot redeem any TP until your tribe is officially registered. It is impossible to redeem TP before a tribe is registered and added to the site.

Tribe Points may be earned in the following ways:

    Rites/Hierarchy Updates

    When your Tokota earns or reaches:
  • AoAs: 1 TP
  • Average: 1 TP
  • Dominance: 3 TP
  • Alpha: 5 TP

  • Bonding

  • Bonding Tier 1: 1 TP
  • Bonding Tier 2: 3 TP
  • Bonding Tier 3: 5 TP

  • Competitions

    TP rewarded for participation in CE's/ hosting competitions.
  • When your Tokota places in a competition (1st-3rd, grand champion, or similar): 1 TP
  • When you host a successful competition, with more than five participants: 1 TP

  • TP Companions

    TP Rewarding Companions:
  • Dalmatian:
    • Completed PvP entry against tribemate 1 TP
    • Completed PvP entry against tribemate resulting in win 2 TP
  • Rottweiler:
    • Participate in Faction Brawl with a Tribemate 2 TP
    • Participate in Faction Brawl with a Tribemate resulting in first place 3 TP
  • Slotless Motivated Companion:
    • With the full body depiction of this companion in an image, the TP value that can be earned is doubled

    Tribe Lore

  • Tribe Canon Location used in Rites: 1 TP
  • Tribe Quests: 10 TP
    • With Quester UT: 20TP
  • Each time you and one or more tribe members collaborate on an image or literature piece: 1 TP per collaborator
    • No more than four collaborators per image/lit.
    • Images must be at least full body and colored.
    • Literature must be at least 1000 words.

Redeeming Your TP

While your available TP will be listed in your bank, players will still need to redeem TP to be counted and deposited into your bank before it can be used.
  • Comments may contain a cap of 5 links total that are able to be redeemed per comment.
  • Proof for earned TP should link directly to an official admin comment or deviation (in the case of collaborations).
  • The link must not lead to an official import on TotemSpirit as we do not post redemption there.
To redeem your TP, visit the cycling Tribes Journal!


  • I have an old tribe that's not on the site!
    • Not to worry, it just seems you haven't moved it over. To go about doing this, you will need to go through the founding process again, but exclude the petition and include a link to your highest confirmed TP tier from the old Achievement system. If you don't have one, don't worry about it, this is just so if you have any achievements we can start you with them. In addition, the TP from your tier will be added to your tribe's bank. For any other TP, you will need to go through the normal means of redeeming it now.
  • Is there a cut-off date for TP redemption?
    • No. Unlike Achievements, you may redeem TP without worrying about the timestamp.
  • May I redeem TP from old tribemates?
    • No. You may only redeem TP from users who are currently, at the time of your posting, part of your tribe.
  • Does each user part of a collab have to redeem their own TP?
    • No. Only one user who is part of a collaboration needs to redeem it.