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Breeding is one of the major aspects of the game, and the primary way that new Tokotas are created in the system. A male and female Tokota produce a litter of puppies using both of their genotypes (genos), manes, builds, and other factors in the process. Breedings are randomized, but there are items, traits, companions, etc. that may affect the outcome. Nothing is guaranteed in a litter.

The Breeding Process
  • The first step in breeding is to locate a pair of Tokotas, one male and one female.
    • These Tokotas can be either Tokotas you own, or Tokotas owned by other players that you have a Slot Permission to.
    • Both parents must have earned their Arms of Akna badge to be able to breed, and be of at least Average hierarchy.
    • To verify the chosen Tokotas are unrelated, you can use the Lineage Checker tool, which will identify if the Tokotas share any relatives.
  • Once you have chosen both Tokotas, proceed to the current Breeding Requests journal linked on the Cycling Hub.
  • Fill out the form provided in the journal to request the breeding.
    • Please be sure to post on the current week’s thread!
    • Tokotna Imports have Breeding Forms available that will pre-populate relevant traits, companions, and mutations. These are formatted for ease of use, and we highly encourage all players to utilize these.
  • Results will be posted as a reply by an Admin.
    • All requests are replied to in a first come, first serve order.

Arms of Akna

All Tokotas must complete the Rites of Fertility and earn their Arms of Akna award before they can breed. Upon earning this badge, the Tokota will unlock any breeding slots available to it based on gender, build, and hierarchy.

➥ See the Slots Guide for more information.

Inbreeding and Defects

Breeding related Tokotas is permitted, however, this does come with a chance for health penalties for the puppies. A breeding is considered as inbreeding if one relative appears on both the Sire and Dam’s visible lineage. Pups born from such pairings will be marked as Inbred upon birth. All inbred Tokotas receive automatic Novice scores on their Arms of Akna.
In the instance that the shared relative is on the last-line of one parent’s lineage, and thus will not be visible on the puppies’ lineage, the pups will not be marked as Inbred.
In either case, all puppies from inbreeding litters will be rolled for the below penalties:
  • Blind: Tokotas that are blind will receive a -5% to success in any Fishing activity. These Tokotas also will receive a -20 in Working events.
  • Deaf: Tokotas that are deaf will receive a -5% to success in any Hunting activity. These Tokotas also will receive a -20 in Teamwork events.
  • Frail: Tokotas that are frail will receive a -5% to success in any Diving activity. These Tokotas also will receive a -20 in Sporting events.
  • Lame: Tokotas that are lame will receive a -5% to success in any Caving activity. These Tokotas also will receive a -20 in Racing events.
  • Spinal Defects: Tokotas that have spinal defects will receive -5% to success in any Exploration activity. These Tokotas also will receive a -20 in Performing events.
  • Infertility
  • Deceased Pups
    • Deceased genos cannot be transferred to other users. Comments dividing split litters with one or more deceased genos must indicate which split partner owns the deceased geno(s). A deceased geno (born after Nov 5th, 2019) can be resurrected with the use of a PotA Token earned by completing the Passage of the Alpha.
➥ See the Breeding Rules - Penalties for more information.

Hierarchy & Inheritance

A Tokota’s Hierarchy status plays an important role in breeding. Hierarchy dictates the litter size and the hierarchy of any pups born. Additionally, any Tokotas who are Submissive are not able to breed even if they have earned their Arms of Akna.

All Tokotas are born as either Submissive or Average in hierarchy. While Submissive Tokotas require more HP to raise through the hierarchy system, there are otherwise no other differences between Tokotas born at Average or Submissive. Tokotas cannot be born Dominant; this must be achieved through following the hierarchy system.

The below chart lists each possible hierarchy combination, with the hierarchy of pups they will produce.
  Average Dominant Alpha
Average Submissive* Average Average
Dominant Average Average Average
Alpha Average Average Average
* If a tokota has acquired the trait Prominent there is a chance that breeding two Average Tokotas can result in Average pups. For more information on Prominent, visit the Bonding Guide.

➥ See the Hierarchy System for more information.

Supplementary Items

The parent Tokotas provide the foundation for the outcomes of a litter, but there are additional ways to influence the puppies. Items such as Fertility Supplements increase the maximum litter size, while others reduce or increase the chance of certain markings passing onto pups.

Most items function to adjust the breeding odds, but there are a few legendary items such as Iwalani Stones and Dark Elixir that can guarantee a pup be born with certain features. These outcomes are still randomized, and there is no way to guarantee that they will land on the same pup if multiple such items are used.

A full list of these items can be found on Tokopedia, under the Breeding tag.

Other Breeding Bonuses

  • Tribes can unlock the Breeder tribe achievement that will affect all members.
  • Some factions confer specific bonuses to breeding. Depending on which faction you are in, this can effect litter size, mane chances, trait pass rate, etc. A full list of Faction bonuses can be found here.

What Makes a Geno?

Base Coat
Tokotas come in four base colors: Tundra, Tawny, Brown, and Black. Each base color has an associated rarity with darker coats being rarer than lighter coats. Every Tundra Tokota is not the same color though as there are many gradients for each base coat and modifiers that expand them even more.

➥ Go to the Base Coat Guide

Tokotas come in all shapes and sizes from very small Tokis to extremely large Akotas. While every build does relate back to the standard Tokota they all evolved to look a little different and interact in breedings differently. Builds have a direct effect on how many puppies are possible in a litter.

➥ Go to the Builds Guide

Hereditary Traits
Hereditary traits come in the following two forms:
  • Physical Traits - These traits effect the physical appearance of a Tokota, such as a Curled Tail or Fangs, but provide no in-game bonuses or benefits.
  • Non-Physical Traits - These traits do not effect the appearance of a Tokota, but confer bonuses in various aspects of the game, including activities, breeding, competitions, etc.
These traits can be added to existing Tokotas, but also, they can passed down to pups from their parents. The guides linked below provide more details on the pass rates of both kinds of traits, as well as the variety of available traits.

➥ Go to the Non-Physical Traits Guide
➥ Go to the Physical Traits Guide

Marking genes are plentiful and vary wildly. These dictate the coloration and patterning of your Tokota’s coat, and sit above the base coat color. Markings come in a wide range of rarities, from the perpetually present Marked gene, to the very rare Lilac modifier gene. These rarities all have different pass rates, which are effected by the dominance of the gene.

➥ Go to the Marking Genetics Guide

Mane pass rates are based on the combination of manes present from the parents. All pairings have a chance at breeding Natural manes, in addition to manes present on the sire and dam. Additionally, some combinations of manes can produce others not present on the parents. For example, breeding a Half Mane and a Barbary Tokota can result in a Razor Maned pup. Conversely, there are some combinations that will only result in Natural manes. An example of this is Razor Mane and Long Mane Tokotas which will only produce Natural manes when bred together.

While the exact pass rates are not available, the combinations of most likely pairs are listed on the mane’s respective Tokopedia page.
The pass rates for manes can be increased through the use of breeding bonuses such as Aippaq’s Fortune, the tribe achievement Breeder, or by using a Stylist Token.

➥ Go to the Mane Breeding Guide
➥ Go to the Manes Guide

Mutations are rare occurrences in litters, which result in unique visual effects on a Tokota. These primarily come in two varieties;

  • Non-Hereditary mutations that can randomly appear on any pups, but cannot be passed down to a Tokota’s pups in breeding.
  • Hereditary mutations that must be passed down to a pup from a parent with the mutation.
The chance of both Non-Hereditary and Hereditary mutations passing in a litter can be increased with bonuses such as Mauja’s Draw.
The pass rate of Hereditary mutations can be increased by breeding two parents with the same mutation together, or by using the Mimic trait.
Non-Hereditary Mutations

These mutations can appear randomly on any pup: These mutations can appear randomly on a pup when certain conditions are met:
  • Bloodmark - Can only appear on Tokotas with a Tawny base coat.
Hybrid Mutations

These mutations can both appear randomly when certain conditions are met, and can be passed down by parents who have the mutation:
  • Marbled - Can randomly appear in litters between a Black and Tawny tokota. Can only appear on pups with Tawny base coats.
  • Cross - Can randomly appear in litters between a Black Tokota and the below combos. Can only appear on pups with Black Base Coats.
    • Silver - Black x Tundra, Silver Cross x Black, Silver Cross x Cross
    • Bronze - Black x Brown, Bronze Cross x Black, Bronze Cross x Cross
    • Gold - Gold Cross x Black, Gold Cross x Cross, Bronze Cross x Silver Cross
Hereditary Mutations

These mutations require at least one parent to have the mutation in order for it to appear in a litter:


  • Is there a way to check what manes (if any) breeding two manes together can result in
    • Yes, you can put the two Tokotas into the Breeding Roller, select "Stylist Token" and choose to boost a mane, and a list of possible (non-natural) mane outcomes will be displayed.